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Review: Olight M2T Warrior Tactical Flashlight

I'm going to start posting my high end flashlight reviews to the site.  This is the Olight M2T Warrior and is one of my current favorites.

Review: Niello 300 Watt LED Grow Light

Review: HIGROW 2000 watt LED Grow Light

Growstar 300watt UFO LED Grow Light Review

I put this 300watt Growstar UFO LED grow light to the full test in the video above.


Product Review: Cyberdax 8MP Trail Camera

Indoor Hydroponic Green Beans Using The 600 Watt Higrow LED Grow Light

 600 watt LED Grow Light

I was sent this 600 watt LED grow light manufactured by HIGROW so I decided to test it out on a few bush green beans in hydroponics.

Testing out a 12 watt LED grow light made by LEDit

A company called LEDit sent me one of their 12 watt LED grow lights to try out and I thought the best way to test it was to show plant growth of a plant using only their light.

LED grow light

Giveaway! Waxonware Granite / Ceramic Skillet


Product Review: Quantum Crush Herb Grinder

Quantum Crush Herb Grinder


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