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Review: Niello 300 Watt LED Grow Light

Review: HIGROW 2000 watt LED Grow Light

Growstar 300watt UFO LED Grow Light Review

I put this 300watt Growstar UFO LED grow light to the full test in the video above.


Product Review: Cyberdax 8MP Trail Camera

Indoor Hydroponic Green Beans Using The 600 Watt Higrow LED Grow Light

 600 watt LED Grow Light

I was sent this 600 watt LED grow light manufactured by HIGROW so I decided to test it out on a few bush green beans in hydroponics.

Testing out a 12 watt LED grow light made by LEDit

A company called LEDit sent me one of their 12 watt LED grow lights to try out and I thought the best way to test it was to show plant growth of a plant using only their light.

LED grow light

Giveaway! Waxonware Granite / Ceramic Skillet


Product Review: Quantum Crush Herb Grinder

Quantum Crush Herb Grinder

Growing Organic Shiitake Mushrooms Indoors

A company called Whole Earth Harvest sent me one of their organic shiitake mushroom kits to review and I created the above video showing all the components that come with the kit and how to set it up.  Here is everything that came in the box:


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