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Testing out a 12 watt LED grow light made by LEDit

A company called LEDit sent me one of their 12 watt LED grow lights to try out and I thought the best way to test it was to show plant growth of a plant using only their light.

LED grow light

Giveaway! Waxonware Granite / Ceramic Skillet


Product Review: Quantum Crush Herb Grinder

Quantum Crush Herb Grinder

Growing Organic Shiitake Mushrooms Indoors

A company called Whole Earth Harvest sent me one of their organic shiitake mushroom kits to review and I created the above video showing all the components that come with the kit and how to set it up.  Here is everything that came in the box:

Bobbex - The Best Deer Repellent Available

My results of using Bobbex Deer Repellent for 2 weeks.

Too Big To Clone? Here Are The Results

Cherokee Purple Tomato Clones

I took clippings of some extra large suckers off of my Cherokee Purple tomato plants to see if I could get 3 nice size plants off of one.

Relics I Find While Mushroom Hunting

A few of the forests that I hunt mushrooms in used to be farms and I find all sorts of relics that are kind of interesting so I take them home and clean them up.  They are my mushroom hunting trophies cheeky.  Most of the glass bottles or jars are broken so I leave them behind.  One unusual one I found that broken was a glass Windex bottle.  Yes, once upon a time we used glass instead of plastic.  When you are mushroom hun

Growing Cotton In Containers In The Midwest

Growing Cotton In ContainersCan you grow cotton in containers in the Midwest?  Well as you can see by the photo to the left I did grow cotton in Northern Illinois during the 2014 growing season.


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