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Product Review: Cyberdax 8MP Trail Camera

I was offered to do a video review of the Cyberdax 8MP Trail Camera and I thought the perfect place to try it out would be at our house in Wisconsin with the big garden to see what is eating my garden every night.  Well that didn't happen due to a heavy work load and taking care of my sick dog before he passed on.  Since I was stuck at my Illinois home I thought the next best thing would be to go to my brother's house and film all the critters he gets in his yard at night.  He throws food out to them every day so I knew there would be lots of action.

The camera is easy to set up and takes 8MP photos or 720P video in AVI format.  It takes up to 32GB SD cards for storage and that is what I used (SanDisk).

Cyberdax camera review

Below you can see the LCD screen displays the number of images taken.  I had it set to take 5 photos every time it was triggered.

Here are the controls for the unit.  You can set it for how many photos you want it to take each time it is triggered or you can set it to AVI to take video.  You can also set the time in between each time it is triggered.  I kept it on high resolution.


Below we have our first customer, Mr. Opossum. 

Below you can see the camera was triggered at about 30 feet away from that opossum.  As you can see it recorded date, time, frame number, temperature, and Moon phase.

Then the raccoons came!

Mama raccoon and babies too!  All reliable customers.

This last photo was triggered by a squirrel the morning I went to go get the camera.  Maybe if I didn't point the camera downward it may not be triggered by the squirrels.  If you want to pick up deer or other game then maybe point the camera straight on over an area. 


I'm going to use the camera to see who is eating my garden and when they are eating my garden for 2017.  It will help out deciding where my defenses are weakest.  I'll do a Fall video over a 2 week period and a December through March video running while I am not there to see what we get.  I hope snow doesn't set it off but we shall see. 

So far I'm really happy with the camera and for the price it does more than I need it to do compared to higher priced ones.

This is the one I got: Cyberdax 8MP Trail Camera.

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