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Want to build a CFL grow light?  Want to build a hydroponic system?  Want to learn all sorts of gardening tips?  Well you've come to the right place.  I created this website to show you how to build a variety of grow lights and hydroponic systems.  I share information on gardening indoors and outdoors as well as gardening product reviews.  There is a section for free gardening books and a forum to share information with others. This site will continue to grow as I add more information so stick around a while, register and join the forums.


Hydroponics is a scientific approach to cultivating plants using a water solution infused with nutrients and a growing medium other than soil.  The word Hydroponics is derived from the prefix hydro=water and ponics=toil or work.  Plants grown hydroponically are either grown with their roots submerged in the nutrient solution alone, or in a clean growing medium.   Examples of possible growing mediums are gravel (Hydroton or Higromite ) , rock wool, perlite, and coconut husk.


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