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Air-Spear Idea




Rob Bob shows us his new quick build of what he calls an Air-Spear.   This device helps him with two hydroponic tasks.  Not only does it help him de-clorinate his water, but it also serves as a handy tool to clean his grow beds.  Check it out.

Article On Propagating Tomato Plants and Saving Money using Cloning

tomato sucker

Easy Grows It put up an article about using cloning as a cheaper and safer method of obtaining more tomato plants.  It's virtually free and terribly easy.

"How to save time and money when starting tomato plants for your garden"

Welcome To Tomorrow's Garden

Want to build a CFL grow light?  Want to build a hydroponic system?  Want to learn all sorts of gardening tips?  Well you've come to the right place.  I created this website to show you how to build a variety of grow lights and hydroponic systems.  I share information on gardening indoors and outdoors as well as gardening product reviews.  There is a section for free gardening books and a forum to share information with others. This site will continue to grow as I add more information so stick around a while, register and join the forums.


Hydroponics is a scientific approach to cultivating plants using a water solution infused with nutrients and a growing medium other than soil.  The word Hydroponics is derived from the prefix hydro=water and ponics=toil or work.  Plants grown hydroponically are either grown with their roots submerged in the nutrient solution alone, or in a clean growing medium.   Examples of possible growing mediums are gravel (Hydroton or Higromite ) , rock wool, perlite, and coconut husk.


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