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True Beginner...


Okay, Im as green as it gets on this hydroponics deal. My wife and I literally just started looking at all this amazing stuff two nights ago...Now im building one of the infamous "Rain Towers"!!! 


Anyway, i was wondering/hoping that one of you great folks on here could take the time to give me the ABSOLUTE basics on getting started...

We are going to start with lettuce. I ordered the ECO264 pump, seeds to start in the rockwool, hydroton, got all the material for the tower.

A few questions examples of questions I have are:

1) What type of Nutrient "mixture" do i need. Also can you buy this premixed and do is there a certain mixture for each individual type of plant/veggie/fruit?

2) Even with my pump running, do I still need some sort of an aerator running? From what Ive read I think i do, to steer clear of RootRot...

3) How long do I need to let my Room Temperature Water and Nutrient Mixture "Mix Together" (if you will) before turning my plants on to them.

Any and All other Comments/ Information you think will help me out is very appreciated!

this is all very neat and im super excited!

Thanks Again


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Just use Maxigro for nutrients.  It's a powder that you mix with water.  For lettuce make it weak at about 400PPM and don't use chlorinated water.

You don't need an air pump.  Only if the roots are submerged in the nutrients.  They get plenty of air in the tower.

I mix mine in a 5 gallon bucket with an airstone running for 15 minutes or so.

thank you very much. i also saw the video you linked to in the other post on here. very very helpful. thanks again.


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