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Several US Grocery Stores Refusing GMO Salmon - Article


Salmon GMO


An Article out of the San Francisco Chronicle is saying that several grocery store chains have decided to not sell GMO salmon if it does indeed get approved.  Whole foods has also said that it would voluntarily label all the food it carries containing GMO products but said it would take until 2018 to fully implement that.  I really do think we should be aware of what's in our food.   Having more government regulations is always bad as it always ends up helping big business and hurting the little guy.  But these Grocery stores voluntarily refusing or at least labeling GMO products is consumer driven and I think it's a GREAT THING!

To me though, this is a HUGE selling point for families starting their own aquaponic systems so we can raise clean fish and vegetables for our families that we have no doubts from where it came and what quality it is.

Here's the article on the if you would like to read more about it.




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