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Survival Gorilla Grow Light Hanger Review



Pheasant's Back Mushrooms

Pheasant's back mushroom (Polyporus squamosus)

A Little Oyster Mushroom Harvest

Oyster Mushroom Harvest

Just harvested these from the coffee cans.  This was the 2nd flush of mushrooms.  Today I'm going to take the remains from the cans and add it to a big batch of straw to keep them going.  Too fun!

Growing Mushrooms From Used Coffee Grounds: Harvest Time!


The third and final video in my mushroom growing series.

Wild Mushroom Hunting in Central Wisconsin



I took this video on June 30th, 2013 in Central Wisconsin.  It was just after a few days of cool weather and rain.  Mushrooms were popping up everywhere!  This is a little walk I made documenting everything that I found.  Enjoy!

Cloning King Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus eryngii) From Store Bought Mushrooms

King Oyster Mushrooms From Whole Foods

I bought a package of King Oysters from Whole Foods (which was rather expensive) and I wanted to grow this mushroom for myself. 


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