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Bizzare Sightings Hunting Morel Mushrooms

wild morel mushroom hunting

Well the morel season is winding down and this is my biggest one so far.  I went out to the woods three times this week and found about 20 morels total.  We fried them all up last night and had them with grilled chicken.  Great stuff!  There are tons of pheasant's back mushrooms still out there but I've had my fill of those.  I see the most bizarre things while wandering around the woods.  Last night I was walking slowly looking at the ground and suddenly a coyote ran right by me at full speed and then 15 feet behind it was a deer running after it.  The deer saw me and stopped so I took a photo.  It didn't seem scared of me but kept looking in the direction that the coyote went.  I'm guessing the deer was protecting a fawn.

deer chasing coyote

I found what seems to be and old well but I'm not sure since it looked like an underground cavern.  Very strange finding this is the middle of the woods.  Not exactly safe.

Here's a photo of some old farm machinery in the middle of the woods.  The trees here are quite big so this must have been a farm at least 100 years ago.

old farm machinery

Here's a photo of the first morel mushrooms I found this year.  I had been walking around for at least 2 hours and was heading back due to lack of right and rain then I stumbled upon these.

first morel mushrooms of the year

Here is a photo of the harvest after the 2nd day hunting.  Morel and Pheasant's Back mushrooms.

mushroom harvest

morel mushroom harvest

The 2 below with dirt on them I am going to try to get the mycelium to spread in a jar of coffee grounds.  It's best to leave the bottom of the stem in the ground so they come back next year.

morel mushroom mycelium

Here's a few photo's of them in the wild before picking.

wild morel mushroom

wild morel mushroom

And some more wild pheasant's back or also called dryad's saddle mushroom.

dryad's saddle mushroom

pheasants back mushroom

pheasants back mushroom

pheasants back mushroom

I really need to get a GPS so I can mark all the spots in the woods that I find them.  What I've been doing for now is taking photos of the trees where I find them.  It's the best I can do.

fallen trees


Tried to take a photo of this snake.  He was just too fast.


Well this is my last morel mushroom hunting post until the 2015 season.  Next year I'll try to do better and hopefully have enough to sell.  They are currently going for $40 per lb.  If you're interesting in hunting mushrooms I put together a list of equipment that will make your hunt mush more enjoyable.  Back to hydroponics and gardening!



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