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The Mushrooms Are Pinning and the $1.98 Mushroom Greenhouse

The Mushrooms Are Pinning!

Grey Oyster Mushrooms Pinning

Well this was a surprise.  I check my mushrooms on day 19 since putting them in straw and there are now little mushrooms (pins) forming all over the place.  The day before there weren't any visible.  They grow FAST!

Mushrooms In Hydroton

I opened new holes in the plastic bag where I could see pins.  The mushrooms need fresh air, humidity between 85% and 95%, Temperature between 45 degrees F and 65 degrees F, and light to do their best.  Those temperatures are for the grey oyster strain.  Other strains are better suited for warmer temperatures.  I put them in this tub with hydroton at the bottom.  I added a little water below the surface of the hydroton to help boost the humidity slightly.

mushroom greenhouse

This is my $1.98 climate controlled mushroom greenhouse.  It was a $1.98 because all I purchase was a 9'x12', 3 mil painters drop cloth and had everything else.  It took me about 10 minutes to throw together.  The front is removable while all else is taped inside.  The front has refrigerator magnets to hold it down.laugh

Inside I have a humidifier that pulls fresh air in and blows out humid air.  It turns on about every 25 minutes and runs for 5 minutes.  It's been keeping the humidity at 83% which is pretty darn close to where I need it.  The temp on the floor is 61 degrees F which is perfect.  I'm using two T5 bulbs and two T8 bulbs at 6500K.  What I plan on doing is making an an entire 7' tall shelving unit into a climate controlled greenhouse with multiple shelves.  The store had 6 mil drop cloths and I think that would work out well.  This one I threw together is pretty much to see what I can do.  So far so good. 

I'll have the final steps and harvest video up in about a week depending how these grow.  Stay tuned!

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