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Found my way here from your YouTube grow light videos.  Will you be making a "How to build an LED grow light" video?  I made the CFL grow light and love it.



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I have always wanted to but the LED's are so expensive.  I'll probably tackle it this year.  I think it would be cool to have an Aerogarden type system with LED grow lights.

Sooo....coming soon! enlightened

I have procured 4 LED bulbs, each rated at 150W and 1300 Lumens.  Two of them are cool white with a colour temperature of 6000K while the other two are warm white with a colour temperature of 2800K.  Using these 4 LED bulbs in combination, would it be enough to grow plants indoors such as basil, mint or strawberries?


4x1300 Lumens around 5K Lumesns barely enough for growing plants, unless you put the plants only couple of inches aways from the light, lumens fall very rapidly with distance. mint will grow with anything but need more light to give you good leaves 

green basil can survive low light but not purple basil 

strawberries... not sure give it a try but keep an eye for spider mites if the plants do not get enough light they will be weak and strawberries are prone to infestation as they have no natural oils to protect it.


Hi Doctorman

​Thanks for the reply.  I will experiment with different distances for the LED lights, initially putting them closer to the plants.  I got these LED lights for 12 Euros (14 US Dollars) each and thought that they will be better than CFLs although LEDs are twice as expensive, however, they only consume 15Watts but give of the equivalent power of a 150 Watt bulb.  I could not find a higher lumen bulb/wattage bulb.

My concern is also with the type of light they produced, ie. cool white at 6000K and warm white at 2800K.  Don't know if this is good for the plants.

I will give these a try and see what happens :) 

Thanks again.

Thank you for sharing .

Brock Bidwill

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