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Product Review: ZOMEI Camera Professional Tripod / Monopod Q666C

zomei tripod

The ZOMEI Q66C Tripod is a huge upgrade from the one I have been using for the past 6 years that I bought from Best Buy. Compared to my old tripod this is a luxury to use. You can tell by just adjusting the various parts that it is well made and built to last.
The first thing you'll notice when using this is how “smooth” everything is when moving the camera around. I’m using it for video so it’s very important not to have inconsistent movement while panning the camera from one side to another which I demonstrate in the video review that I made for this.
The unit folds up very compact and is lightweight for hiking or travel. The bag that comes with it is well made and zips up without any effort or struggle.
It unfolds quickly out of the bag and can be set up within a minute with all 3 legs extended. This also can be made into a monopod with only 1 leg with adjustable height. I could have used this in the past for when I go on hikes and need a steady camera to catch a special moment in an instant before it’s gone
The only thing more I could ask for would be a second plate to mount a second camera since I switch between photo and video cameras so frequently.
I used this on my Canon Rebel DSLR camera and my Canon Vixia video camera in the review video. I’m thrilled to have this available to me for my future video productions.  One thing I'd like to correct in the video is that the full extended height is actually 65" tall.


Zomei Tripod level

This is the level that I also didn't show in the video.  It really comes in handy when setting up on a sloped area.

ZOMEI Camera Professional Tripod handle

The foam padding around the leg makes it comfortable to carry once it's converted to a monopod.

ZOMEI Camera Professional Tripod plate

Here's a close up photo of the quick release plate.

If anybody has questions please comment and I’ll respond with what I know and have learned since making the video. 




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