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Testing out a 12 watt LED grow light made by LEDit

A company called LEDit sent me one of their 12 watt LED grow lights to try out and I thought the best way to test it was to show plant growth of a plant using only their light.

LED grow light

The above photo I took on the final day of my testing and as you can see the plant did quite well.  Below are photos in a progression of 5 days showing the growth.

LED grow lightLED grow light

LED grow lightLED grow light

LED grow light

Their grow light has 9 red LED for flowering and 3 blue LED for Vegetative growth.  I wasn't sure if 12 watts would be enough to grow anything but as you can see it worked out very good.  I suggest keeping the light as close as possible to the plant since the further away it is the less the plant benefits.  There is very little heat from the light so you can keep it as close as you want.  The light just screws into a standard medium base socket.  I used an ordinary desk lamp for my tests.

LEDit Grow Light

Above you can see the packaging that it comes in.  It is well protected by foam inside the box so you can be sure it will not arrive broken.  Overall I would say this is a good light to use for a small plant indoors and nothing that gets very tall.  It would be great to keep a plant alive during the winter months such as an aloe vera plant.

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