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Relics I Find While Mushroom Hunting

A few of the forests that I hunt mushrooms in used to be farms and I find all sorts of relics that are kind of interesting so I take them home and clean them up.  They are my mushroom hunting trophies cheeky.  Most of the glass bottles or jars are broken so I leave them behind.  One unusual one I found that broken was a glass Windex bottle.  Yes, once upon a time we used glass instead of plastic.  When you are mushroom hunting, you are constantly looking down at the ground which means you find EVERYTHING.  I'm also walking in areas that people don't normally go so there are many things to be discovered.  Here are a few of the relics I have found this mushroom hunting season.

Midgetoy Diecast Train

Midgetoy Die Cast Train

Die Cast Toy Train bottom

I found this just sitting on top of the ground in the middle of nowhere.  I brought it home and cleaned it up.  On the Bottom it said Midgetoy, Rockford ILL.  Remember when toys used to be made in the USA??  Well I looked it up and it was a company that made die cast toys starting in 1947.  Here's the link to the story of the company: Midgetoy

A Glass Pepsi Bottle

From what I have found online this Pepsi bottle is that it's from the late 1960's or early 1970's.  It's not too old but only I say that because that's how old I am.  It goes on my trophy shelf.


A Drey Mason Jar

This is a Drey Mason Jar.  It's from between 1933 - 1938 according to a few that I found for sale on Ebay.  Drey was bought by the Ball company and stopped using the Drey name in 1938.  It has air bubbles in the glass and it is cracked a bit but I think it's pretty cool.  I just saw a portion of it sticking out of the ground and thought there would be a good chance that it would be intact.  I dug it out with a stick as you can see in the photos below.


Machinery Operating Instructions

Farm Machinery Operating Instructions

Farm Machinery Operating Instructions

I found this twisted metal plate that looks like it was attached to a piece of farm machinery.  I flattened it out and scanned it so you can read it.  Anybody know what this is?  It probably belongs nailed to the wall at one of those goofy restaurants where they nail all sorts of random old objects to the wall, lol.

Brooks Catsup Bottle

Vintage Brooks Catsup Bottle

Vintage Brooks Catsup Bottle Bottom

I found this bottle and thought it was interesting looking and it said "Brooks" on the bottom.  A quick search on the internet gave me the answer.  It's a Brooks catsup bottle.  Their current bottles are now "ketchup" bottles made of plastic.  Brooks is an old company started in 1891 in Collinsville, Illinois.  Collinsville is home of the largest ketchup bottle in the world where the company duplicated their bottle to serve as a water tower to supply the company with water.  I'm really not sure how old this bottle is but it goes on my trophy shelf.

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