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How To Chop Straw Fast For Growing Mushrooms

I came across a posting in a forum on The Shroomery where somebody was using a weed wacker and a garbage can to chop straw fast.  I gave it a try and loved the results so I created a video to show how well it works.  The second half of the video shows an experiment comparing straw to aspen wood shavings for use as a substrate for the mushroom spawn.  The straw proved to be much faster at spreading the mycelium and thus produced mushrooms a few days before the aspen shavings.  I'll also be testing out the wood fuel pellets broken back down into saw dust to see how well that does.  Here are some photos from the STEM Expo as well as more mushroom photos:

mushroom experiment

mushrooms on straw

mushrooms on aspen wood shavings

Oyster Mushroom Final Photo Before Picking

Oyster Mushroom on Straw Final Photo Before Picking


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