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Growing Mushrooms From Used Coffee Grounds

Growing Mushrooms From Coffee Grounds

It has been 18 days since I started the 2 jars of mycelium on the middle which are becoming colonized nicely.  The jar on the far right is at days ten which is also grey oyster mushrooms.  The jar on the far left is on day 3 and is either a king oyster or and Italian oyster.  I picked them up at a different supermarket then I bought the grey oysters at.  The mushroom company that those came from is called Song's Mushroom Farm.  I tried to call there to find out what strain they are but just got an answering machine.  Here's a photo of the new strain:

Gorwing Oyster Mushrooms

I went through 2 boxes of oysters at the store and only found 1 with a stem butt that wasn't cut off.  I bought 2 others that were cut but looked as though there was some mycelium near the bottom.  It may take longer for these to take off since there was not much to work with.  It looks like 4 weeks are needed to produce a full jar that is totally colonized.  If you would like to see my "how to" video, it is posted below.




I'll be adding a section for growing mushrooms to this website as soon as I have completed the tutorial videos.  Stay tuned!


I noticed that my alcohol was only 70% so I cleaned everything with bleach first let that dry them did it again with the alcohol. Hope this will work.  

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I'm sure 70% would wipe out the bad spores too especially along with bleach.  Sumi from YT just posted a few photos.  His are taking off.  This is from his Facebook page:


Hope I see something like that soon. I'm doing video clips for a short video, no in depth explanations just showing the steps and hopefully mushrooms with a link to your videos for anyone who wants to give it a try. 

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I have grown mushrooms but they get fungus on their top. What would be the reason?

After a few days in the dark I have a white fuzzed   surface and a bloom down into the grounds on the side of the jar. Not the best of photos but I think it shows what I'm talking about.

I did attach a photo but it doesn't appear as though it made it. LOL 

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