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Hydroponic Stevia, Basil and Radish Update

Well it has only been a few days since my last update but things are really taking off as you can see from the photos below.


hydroponic indoor garden


This picture below is how the stevia is doing in the soil.  Not very much growth.

stevia indoors

The photo below shows how my lemon basil is doing up to this point.

hydroponic basil

The photo below shows how rapid the radishes are growing.  They'll probably be ready to pick in 7 days.

hydroponic radish

The photo below shows how well the hydroponic stevia is doing.

hydroponic stevia

Below you can see how the roots look at this point.  Two days ago the stevia roots were barely coming through the net pot.  Today they are really long.  The radish roots are  getting massive too.  I always wondered how a radish would do in deep water culture.

hydroponic roots


I post the last update since many days ago this was all it that I have to know it was all in it I have all the information about the basil. I like to share all these with you so I send this to this was belong to me that have all information on this that was just amazing.

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